Anonymous said: Hi! Just to let you know, the ship name for Kitty/Artie is Wildebrams (I actually really like Artitty but Wildebrams seems to be the one more popular), and that Kartie is the ship name for Kurt/Artie. It just makes going through tags a lot easier when the two ships have a clear distinction (^◇^)

Oops, thank you! :)

11 months ago
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gleekashley said: Have you stopped running your sgleencaps blog? The last post was over 4 months ago. I miss seeing your caps on my dash.


Hey! Yes unfortunately (or luckily?) I’ve been very busy so I couldn’t update the blog. Also, I couldn’t download 1080p episodes for various reasons. But I was actually thinking about starting again, so thank you for the message!

I’ll try to be back soon :)

I don’t know I posted this on my first blog, it was supposed to be posted here

6 months ago
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